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Staff Recruitment Drive (Updated)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by SIR IRON WOLF, Oct 20, 2016.

By SIR IRON WOLF on Oct 20, 2016 at 7:27 PM

    SIR IRON WOLF A Floating Lightbulb
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    Do you like to be a part of something great? Do you have some skills in writing? Do you want to contribute content for everyone to enjoy?

    Well you're in luck because we are once again looking for a couple more individuals to join our team! We want to provide more content to all of you and need a few more hands to help us do that. If you want to help contribute to this awesome community and you meet these few guide lines we have then don't be shy to submit your application.

    • Must be 16 year or older
    • Must possess a Skype account and a Discord account
    • Great writing skills (please give us some examples)
    • Positive and Honest attitude
    • Ability to create 1 (one) article a week
    If you meet this criteria and want to join our team then please start a message conversation with SIR IRON WOLF, Nitro, or Warholic with examples of your writing skills and we will get back to you ASAP.

    We are also looking into adding a moderator to the team to help us guide our community to a brighter future, and to also keep an eye on those bots...

    We are now also looking for people to join our newly forming Art Team. The responsibilities for this position would mainly be to create images for the articles we release as well as help in creating visual unity across the site and the YouTube channel. The requirements for this position are:
    • Must be 16 years or older
    • Must possess a Skype and Discord account
    • Experience or a degree in the graphic design field or related art field
    • ability to provide examples of your works (submit them when applying)
    • Positive and honest attitude
    • Ability to work with others well
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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by SIR IRON WOLF, Oct 20, 2016.

    1. SecretSchnitzel
      At bold: How important is this? :schnitzel:
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    2. Egggnog
      Hmm. 16+ is an issue of course.
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    3. Preacher001
      I was thinking of applying and then I noticed I needed to have a Skype or a Discord account. Dammit, it's not like you can just download those things. Oh well, back to playing space cowboys and aliens.
    4. DAJSK
      Was thinking of joining till I saw the 16+. I have Discord, but not Skype, however. But I do love to write.
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    5. HeX Reapers
      HeX Reapers
      I might apply, but what examples are you looking for? Anything specific or just writing?
    6. AlexVan123
      What? Of course you can. It's free bro!
      --- Double Post Merged, Oct 21, 2016 ---
      Whatever you got. If you have stuff in video game journalism, that's cool, but if not, don't worry about it.
      HeX Reapers likes this.
    7. Egggnog
      Sarcasm Alex. Sarcasm.
    8. Max Extra
      Max Extra
      I'm seeing the guidelines here and I'm somewhat interested but before going and submitting for this, what is it the staff actually does? I see the skills needed but what are they for?
    9. Given To Fly
      Given To Fly
      Moderating the site, writing articles from scratch, and contributing where you can. If you are a creative writer, it is a nice gig. If you are a poor writer, don't just apply to get famous ;)
      a Chunk likes this.
      Mainly if you are decent at grammar and are good at writing a fair amount of content in an article so there is plenty there for the reader to enjoy
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    11. a Chunk
      a Chunk
      Punctuation is optional, apparently. :p
    12. GreyMuffinBass
    13. AlexVan123
      Who needs punctuation? I know I sure don't so I'll be going along with my runon sentence here hey how are you doing today I'm feeling great today and I hope you are too

      a Chunk likes this.
    14. BodeyBode
      Any new info regarding the salary? I would also consider equity based compensation.
    15. Egggnog
      Hahahahahahaha. Payment!?
      Matt has Soul and GreyMuffinBass like this.
    16. K27R
      I could apply, and I got good writing skills, just don't know how I can prove it unless I reveal private writings of my own. The only evidence I have so far is on waypoint, I've written countless articles. I'd enjoy the job as a hobby. If not I intend to create my own website eventually anyway
    17. SheapCreaper
      Welp. I threw in for this last time, but... nah. I'm good. Shame... and I have so many opinions on mapmaking that everyone so desperately needs to hear.
    18. Matt has Soul
      Matt has Soul
      Yes that's right! If you sign up now you earn Forge Bucks™

      Forge Bucks™ are used solely for the purpose of bragging rights, but they feel that deep empty void inside of us all, like a warm hug from grandma.
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      You can link us those articles, that would be acceptable

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