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  • 1v1 Forge Map Contest Video Announcement: https://t.co/0oUXL0IkTZ
  • New 1v1 Forge contest announced today! Enter and compete for $1000 prize pool. Details here:… https://t.co/cpgyrbbgGM
  • Want to build up your strength as a Forger? Train insane or remain the same! Sign up to our ForgeHub Gym today:… https://t.co/PyifMFul7v
  • VESPINE (4v4 Slayer) by N3gat1veZer0 wins 1st place in our latest Community Favorite Map Vote!🎖️View results here:… https://t.co/qcTYg2Eojj
  • RT @ForgeHub: Map Preview: HIGHGROUND (1 Flag CTF). A collaborative Halo 3 remake by 8 forgers! Credit to Foge, SaltyKoala, DarkDeath, Por…