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  • Wanna start sharing your Forge creations to the community? Login to https://t.co/81HWULD9mS and start submitting yo… https://t.co/0mnXnRZqMj
  • @MLGmark Yes, this was made in Halo 5 Forge. Its amazing what the community has been able to achieve with these tools.
  • LargerFiend is working on a new map and it is looking spectacular! We're looking forward to its release. Take a s… https://t.co/ImWvJbqyKA
  • RT @Halo: Trapped and surrounded by the Covenant, Blue Team must work together with Insurrectionist rebels to survive. The third and final…
  • RT @Halo: On this week's 343 Social Stream, Senior Franchise Manager Corrinne Robinson will join us to talk about keeping the Halo universe…